"More than a realtor, a whole team of experts"

We've got all your needs covered! 

From finding the perfect home, to selling your current home, Karen Richardson Group does it all!

​We offer complimentary staging to our clients in partnership with Donna Kendall, who will set the scene for selling your property.  We are well versed in online marketing, and will make sure people find your home if you're selling, or we'll use those resources to find you the right home as a buyer. Don't hesitate to ask us a question, all of our staff are friendly and knowledgeable because we know what it's like to be in your shoes. We want you to know just how special you and your business is to us, and we do our very best to ensure that you and your needs always come first.  

Once a price is set, and sometimes even before repairs and staging is complete, we begin a web based marketing campaign using all our technological resources.   Your home will be visible on over 30 websites, some that are only accessible to the top agents in the market and their clients.   Print media, open houses, e-fliers, agent tours, virtual tours, signage, and direct mail are also utilized.

The Escrow Process & Closing

Now we are in contract, what's next?  We manage the escrow process for you: we communicate with the creditor, the title company, the escrow officer, and the other agent all while keeping you updated every step of the way.  Paperwork, contingencies, escrow dates, legalities, inspections, dates, & numbers-we deal with it all!  That way, you can focus on preparing to move, (which is stressful enough! :) )

At Karen Richardson Group, we are there every step of the way to ensure your home is market ready, appealing to buyers, and marketed the best way possible. When you're getting ready to sell your home, it can be tricky knowing which changes you should make.  Do you want it to sell more quickly? Boost the sale price?  There are a lot of factors to consider.  Some options get you the return in which you are looking, while others would be a waste of your time and resources.  Our trained eye coupled with an outside perspective is just the ticket.  Each home (and each homeowner) is different; that’s why we’re here to help!   We also work closely with recommended vendors to get you fast service at a great price.

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 E: Karen@Karenrichardsongroup.com

Offering to Buy
We ensure our clients receive the most accurate information by previewing all prospective homes & reviewing reports. We have great, established relationships with other realtors and know of properties before they hit the market.  Once a potential home is identified, we review all information relevant to the property, and assist in determining terms and price. Our strong interpersonal skills help us defining the sellers motivation, and how to best negotiate on your behalf. 

Pricing your home can be the life and death of your home before it's even listed!  The biggest mistake you can make is to overprice.  We understand the current market conditions, and we utilize multiple resources to develop an effective pricing strategy.  The Top Agents even have a system we practice where we assist each other in pricing. 

One of the things we uniquely offer our clients is our assistance with the appraisal.  We prepare comps and present them to the appraiser when we meet him at the property.  Many times, appraisers are not familiar with the area they are appraising.  We want to be there to offer our expertise on the neighborhood, the schools, what has recently sold in the area.  This will ensure the appraisal process runs smooth and if there are any questions, we are there to answer them.


Attention to Detail
We spend a lot of time digging in, searching, and previewing the properties we show our buyers.  Unlike other firms that set you up on an automatic filter system and just let technology take care of the rest, we only work with a limited amount of buyers to give our client’s search special attention.

Viewing Homes
As a buyer, you have a lot of decisions to make about what, when, and where.  We provide you with the "ins and outs" of each neighborhood, and offer our expertise on timing.  Have a lot of must have's?  We want to know the details about your wants and needs, and if you would like to provide us with any feedback or changes to your home search- we love it!  Finding out exactly what you do and don’t like only helps us focus our attention in the right direction.

Target Market

Pre-marketing, or marketing off market if you prefer to sell off market, is what we specialize in.  We want the right people to know your home is soon to be on the market (or being listed off market) in order to attract the right type of buyer.  At the start of it all, we share our new listing with all the Top Agents in the area as well as our network of realtors with qualified buyers.  We have access to an analytical system that we can use to determine our target market, and market to them directly.  Defining a target audience involves determining who they are, where they are, and their needs.  We then create a pre-marketing campaign targeting these groups specifically.


Once we've gotten ourselves into contract on the home you love, we will order reports, schedule inspections, review documents, and meet the inspectors with you.  We've done this a few times, ;) so we are happy to advise you on what items may need your attention more than others.  We also know who we need to ask if you have very specific inquiries about your soon to be new home. 

Our Services


Taking Offers

Before receiving offer, Karen will be sure to let the buyer's agent know the seller's desires.  Seasoned buyer's agents often let the listing agent know well in advance what their client's interest level is so they can make a competitive offer that meets the needs of the seller.   Karen's pre-formed relationships with other agents, and seasoned negotiating skills ensure our sellers’ goals are met in the most calculated and professional manner.  Once we have an offer, or multiple, determining the best offer can take some brain power!  There are more things to consider than just price and closing date.  We make the whole process understandable and straight forward.  After choosing the best of the offers, we advise on making counter offers, multiple counter offers, and accepting. 

Showing the functionality of space is a vital piece in the listing process. Karen has been teaming with Donna Kendall for over 10 years to create distinctively appealing properties, a seamless transition for sellers.  We focus on de-cluttering your home, and creating a space others could visualize themselves living in.  The result: quick sales, at the right price, with multiple offers.

Off Market Specialists

We specialize in off market (non-MLS), & pre-market property sales.  This is mostly due to our established role in the community as a top selling agent.  Karen and her team have created relationships with others in the business that are invaluable.  Our connections allow our buyers the unique opportunity to shop a whole other market with us that is unavailable to most.

​Real Estate Team

During the final stage of buying, we assist in setting up appointments between you and the escrow company to sign.  With our own in-house transaction coordinator, we gather all the disclosures and reports for your new home and provide you with an electronic copy to reference.  Finally, when the day comes, we accompany you through the walk-through,  and then, hand you your keys!  We are there with you the whole way to answer any questions, and ensure a timely close of escrow.