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Karen Richardson Group

The Value of Staging​

At Karen Richardson Group, we focus on

de-cluttering your home, and creating a space others could visualize themselves living in. We believe showing the functionality of space is a vital piece in the listing process.  Karen has been teaming with Donna Kendall for over 10 years to create distinctively appealing properties, a seamless transition for sellers, resulting in quick sales with multiple offers.

Complimentary staging

After staging

Pro Tips

Declutter and organize your home so it’s absolutely immaculate

Neatly arrange drawers and cabinets (buyers look inside)

Play soft music

Light a fire in the fireplace, if appropriate

Eliminate unpleasant odors

Leave light on and open all room doors for a spacious feeling

Minimize family photos, religious or politically affiliated items, and personal collections

Help potential buyers visualize living in your home-a welcoming appearance

Before staging

In-House Stager/ Project Manager

​​Donna was born and raised in Walnut Creek, and moved to Burton Valley with her husband and three children in 1990.  Prior to working for Karen Richardson Group, she owned Sieferts Floral Company in Orinda.  Moving into staging was a natural transition for Donna.  Her eye for color, surging creativity, and understanding for what makes a clean, fresh living space appealing to buyers is what has been selling homes for years.

*Donna works exclusively for Karen Richardson Group